About Keystone

Established 1977

At Keystone Fruit Marketing, we are a family of professionals working together to provide excellent fresh produce for our customers on a year-round basis. We value our relationships with both our customers and growers, and we pride ourselves on the integrity we weave throughout every aspect of our business.

Our values

Our Mission

To provide safe, high quality, fresh produce from growers to customers on a year-round basis.

Great People. Great Company. Great Future.

Our people – employees, customers, growers – are our greatest asset. We lead by example, continuing to adapt to the ever-changing world of produce, and we look forward to a bright future.

Keystone Kitchen

Chef Dave Munson develops fresh ideas using Keystone’s various commodities. He enjoys sprucing up your arsenal of healthy recipes and educating consumers on a variety of culinary topics. Check out what the chef’s cooking!

Contact us

Want to get in touch? Let us know which commodity you are interested in, or provide us with whatever question you might have. We’ll be sure to direct your information to the appropriate Keystone team member and address your need as quickly as possible. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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