Seasonal apple Varieties


Large yellow-green apple with a slight blush. Sweet/tart apple good for baking, cooking, apple sauce, and fresh eating.


Red blush over cream background. Very sweet with crisp texture, full flavor and fresh aroma. Perfect fresh eating apple.

Golden Delicious

Golden yellow-green sweet, mellow, juicy apple. Long shelf life and good for fresh eating, baking, cooking, and freezing.

Red Delicious

Deep, solid red and sometimes lightly striped. This top-selling apple is sweet and juicy, and good for fresh eating.


Deep red color with red stripes and pale cream-colored flesh. Mild flavor and firm texture. Keeps well and is good for baking.


Sweet/tart all-purpose apple. Good for fresh eating, cooking and baking.

Granny Smith

Green apple, sometimes with a slight pink blush. Firm, crunchy texture and tart flavor. Good for fresh eating and cooking (especially in apple pies!).


Red stripes over light green under color. Juicy sweet/tart flavor and crisp texture. Good fresh eating and cooking apple.


The most widely grown processing apple in the Mid-Atlantic region. Stores well and is good for cooking and freezing.


Large, very sweet, crisp and juicy apple. Color varies from red to reddish pink and yellow. Good for fresh eating and cooking.

Pink Lady

Pink blush over yellow-green background. Firm apple with long storage life. Good for fresh eating, apple sauce, freezing, and baking.


Blushed scarlet over a yellow background. Juicy, sweet apple with a crisp texture. One of the most sought after apple. Perfect for fresh eating.


Bright or deep red with green background. Crisp, juicy, aromatic
apple with a mild tartness. Good for fresh eating, apple sauce, and cooking.



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